Stack Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

A brand new milestone for Universal Data Relay has been reached! Today we processed our 2,000,000 transaction from the stack temperature monitoring system installed at a Lumber Mill located on Annacis Island in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

We used an Omega iServer Microserver with a 18″ long probe. The Omega iServer simply pushes temperatures at a defined interval out to an ethernet server. We set up Universal Data Relay to act as two Ethernet servers, one to listen and gather temperature data, the other to act as the gateway back into the client’s surveillance system. It was a breeze to connect up the system as we only had to write two filters; one to clean up the temperature string, the other to text *TEMP ALARM* when the temperature reading exceeded 425 degrees for more than 20 seconds. To finish up the project, we set up alerts on the client’s NVR systems to pop up message dialog on the operator workstation screens.

The monitoring system isn’t meant to replace fire detection, but rather to help complement it. Fire detection results in immediate deployment of the sprinkler systems. Our integration lets the operators respond and shut down the machine when they see that critical operating temperatures in the stack have been exceeded for a particular time frame.

End result…an early fire warning system!

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