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Universal Data Relay was designed and engineered by Robert Atkinson, a graduate of the University Of British Columbia’s Software engineering diploma program.

Robert spent 20 years as a systems integrator and programmer serving many different industries prior to establishing his own development team in 2015. His company, 1019127 BC LTD, was registered in 2015 and development began in earnest.

As of this writing (late 2016), Universal Data Relay has rapidly become the premier “swiss army knife of integration”. It’s flexibility, extendibility, and intuitive interface has proven itself invaluable in solving “impossibly difficult” data sharing challenges.

1019127 BC LTD’s primary goals are software development, training, and the development and support of a robust reseller chain. When complex data needs to be streamed from one system to other systems, Universal Data Relay fits the bill perfectly. But, in order to perfectly integrate data between systems, Universal Data Relay needs to be installed and configured by an expert in one of the systems being integrated.

1019127 BC LTD recognizes that corporate success is inextricably tied to the success of the integrators who use Universal Data Relay. This makes the mission simple: “Provide a world-class product to world class people who build world class systems.

In order to become a reseller, there is a mandatory training component, as well as industry performance requirements. Anyone wanting to become a reseller needs to demonstrate above average competency in their primary area of business. 1019127 BC LTD supports our resellers by following a rigid pricing structure and protected market areas. These simple efforts ensure that end users get the quality and performance they need from their integrated systems.

If you are looking to purchase Universal Data Relay or use it to integrate one system with another, please see our resellers page for information about where you can purchase licenses. Don’t see anyone who is an expert in the hardware or system you need integrated? Let us know! Email us at resellers@universaldatarelay.com with your request.

If you have specific, pre-sale or design questions about Universal Data Relay, you may also contact our sales department at sales@universaldatarelay.com.

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